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External Health & Safety Audits

Toro Safety Consulting, Development & Design Inc. provide External Safety Audits for corporations in either the COR or the SECOR program. The protocol and standard of the audit that is followed is that of the ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association). The following list is a breakdown of the External Safety Audit that our company does for an audit and is an estimate for the time incurred as every company is different in size and requirements.

Paper Documentation Review: The documentation process and verification of required documentation on an average takes approximately .5 to 2 days.

Interview and Observation: The interviews themselves I average 3 interviews per hour; the amount of days will be determined based on the number of interviewees required for the audit. The observation process averages approximately 1 3 hours/location, depending on the location and the number of locations.

Report Writing and Calculations: The report writing and calculation of the interviews into the electronic audit tool is dependent on the size of the company therefore this process can range approximately from s to 2 days.

Reference List

Acuren Group Inc.
Edmonton, AB
Art Wegner, Compliance Manager
Office: 780-4902441

Alliance Excavating Ltd.
Edmonton, AB
Kevin Massey, General Manager
Office: 780-4766916

BCI Technologies Ltd.
Edmonton, AB
Sharyn Fedyniak
Office: 780-4995878

Sulzer Canada
Tower Field Services
Edmonton, AB
Fathi Maie, Safety Supervisor
Office: 780-468-7187

Triton Projects
Edmonton, AB
Phil Wolkowycki, HSE
Office: 780-485-6700

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